Advanced SRT Captioner (Mac)


Advanced SRT Captioner, a multi-Paradigm, handy, and efficient App that help create Captions and sub-titles for movie clips. Captions can be created from scratch, in several ways. and can be Imported and re-timed, re-synchronized. Synchronization can be done Visually by dragging, Resizing, Setting, or Splitting. Movie Playhead can be moved by moving the sound waveform, or moving the progress track bar. It has Auto-Add Captions Functionality based on customizable Voice waveform Analysis. The App is Packed with many more features that users will Appreciate after they get master it.

➤ Features:
  • Interactive Voice Waveform Analyzer / Viewer.
  • Interactive Captions Timeline.
  • Auto-Add Function that Adds Titles based on Voice Waveform.
  • In-Place Captions Editor that moves synchronously with movie, So you can Translate in Real time.
  • Multi-line advanced Editor That Provides more editing tools.
  • Set-Start, Set-End, Play, Insert Next, and Delete Buttons Dedicated for Every Caption Entry for fast realtime Positioning.
  • Choose to Time-Shift Captions during Addition, Insertion, and Deletion.
  • Trim, Split and Swap Functionalities.
  • Open and Save, SRT / TXT Captions Files, with or without Timings.
  • Import Captions File, and Fit with Current Timings.
  • Changeable Color for Captions Viewer.
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